10 Staging Tips

10 Staging Tips To Get More Money For Your Home

To get the best value for your house in the Fremont real estate market, you will need to put in some effort and stage your house in a proper way. Home staging is all about adding that extra zing to your house to make it look more appealing and purchase-worthy.

1.) De-Clutter – Remove all unnecessary showpieces, books, souvenirs, decorative stuff etc that make your house appear congested and small. De-cluttering can make your house appear larger, cleaner and more organized.

2.) De-personalize – Remove all personal photographs, funny posters, flashy stuff and anything that spells YOU. It is important to let potential buyers visualize the home as their own, which is only possible when your walls, doors and corners are kept basic.

3.) Presentation – Painting, landscaping, polishing the tiles, changing light switch covers etc are a few things that can instantly improve the appearance of your house, without making a hole in your pocket.

4.) Furniture Groupings – Reposition your furniture into cozy conversational groups, while allowing space for free movement. This can make your rooms appear larger and user-friendly.

5.) Lighting – Ensure that you have proper lighting in each room – bulbs, table lamps and high wattage tubes can give a new life to each room and make them more appealing for Fremont real estate buyers.

6.) Color Tones – For Living room and hallway ‘neutral’ colors are the best as they create an illusion of space, but you can try using deeper colors for bedrooms to give them a cozy and welcoming effect.

7.) Safeguard your Privacy – Once you have put up your house ‘for sale’ in the Fremont real estate market, be prepared to handle a lot of visitors. Keep all expensive stuff and precious items inside your cupboard, drawers that contain personal papers should be locked and so on.

8.) Kitchen – A well-organized and appealing kitchen can sell homes like hot cakes. Re-polish your kitchen counter tops, replace old knobs, clean cabinets and remove all the unnecessary clutter. Also use simple cooking ingredients that do not emit strong odor.

9.) Home Inspection – Fremont real estate home inspector can make you aware about the various issues and problems, so you can get necessary repairs done. Home inspection can also help you assess the right value of your house.

10.) Keep Pets Away – Try sending your pets to your neighbor’s or friend’s house when potential buyers come to visit your house. While you might love your pets, your visitors might not be true animal-lovers.

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