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Save Your Home From Foreclosure

Van Heusen Real Estate Group has Certified HAFA Specialists and Certified Distressed Property Experts so you can find reassurance in knowing that there is someone who knows best practices and how to help through the frustrations of foreclosure short sale and save your home.


9 Ways To Avoid Foreclosure Short Sale and Save Your Home

REINSTATEMENT: Bring the loan current to save your home

FOREBEARANCE: Temporary repayment plan to save your home

REFINANCE: New loan with reduction in monthly payments to save your house

LOAN MODIFICATION: Modify original loan terms to save your home

SELL THE PROPERTY: Use equity to payoff or pay difference

RENT THE PROPERTY: Must make loan current to avoid foreclosure short sale

SHORT SALE: Negotiate with bank to accept sale under loan amount

DEED IN LIEU OF FORECLOSURE: “friendly foreclosure”

BANKRUPTCY: Will stall foreclosure but not prevent it


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