Fremont Homes For Sale

Fremont Price Vs Inventory


As you can see from the chart above, Fremont homes for sale dip down in inventory and price through the winter and typically rise again towards the summer. You can see that prices nearly came down $75,000 in the winter months which might be a good time for you to buy or start looking for a Fremont homes for sale.

Who lives in Fremont?

If you are looking at Fremont homes for sale you might also want to know who your neighbors might be. The primary residents of Fremont are:

Affluent Immigrants — High-income immigrants living in suburban areas.
Ranging in age from mid-30s to early 60s, these highly educated immigrants earn high salaries. A high proportion are homeowners.

Multi-lingual Suburbanites — Middle-class, suburban individuals who speak a foreign language.
Age ranges from 30s to 60s. Some own their homes. Education varies from high school to college, with some earning graduate school degrees.

Dollars and Sense — Suburban, financially savvy families.
More than 20% of these middle-aged married couples with children have a second mortgage or home equity loan. Most earn moderate incomes and work in management or professional occupations.

Fremont Schools

Before looking at all the Fremont homes for sale you might also want to see how great Fremont schools are. [schoolsearch city=”Fremont” state=”CA” groupby=”schooldistrictname” output=”table”]