3 Reasons Fremont, CA is a safe place to buy a home & has low Fremont crime rate

Thinking of moving to Fremont, CA? Why not? After all Fremont is one of safest places in America and it has been featured among top 10 safest cities, top 25 safest cities, and top 100 safest cities lists numerous times. But before you relocate, we’ll help you find out important statistics on Fremont real estate such as quality of schools, crime rates and Fremont real estate home prices. Knowledge about crime rates In Fremont will help you decide whether or not Fremont, CA is a safe place to buy a home and you don’t have to take our word for it.


About Fremont, CA


Located in San Francisco Bay Area’s southeast section, Fremont is a city known for its cultural diversity and friendly people. This city is also associated with Silicon Valley sometimes but what makes Fremont really special is the historic Mission San Jose symmetry and the picturesque Niles Canyon. These attractions and more make Fremont a fusion of history and splendor. Buying a home in this city will not only make you reap benefits of flourishing Fremont real estate, but you will also be able to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.


Reasons That Make Fremont A Safe Place to Buy Home


Low Crime Rate: According to neighborhoodscout.com, Fremont is 32% safer than other US cities. Factually, the overall crime rate in Fremont is 30 per 1,000 residents. This makes crime rates in Fremont approximately 60% lower than that of other communities in California. As per neighborhoodscout.com study of FBI crime data, a Fremont resident has only minute chances i.e. 1 in 33 of becoming a crime victim. After comparing all towns and cities in the US that has similar population size as that of Fremont, it was found out that crime rates in Fremont is one of the lowest in the entire nation when studied relatively. This clearly shows that Fremont is not only one of the safest places in California; it is also one of the safest places in US to live in.


The crime rate discussed in the above paragraph has been found out collectively for both property crimes as well as violent crimes. The complete study of Fremont crime rate shows that violent crime rate in the city is only 2 persons per 1000 inhabitants. Violent crimes include aggravated assaults, armed robbery, forcible rape, non-negligent manslaughter and murder. Talking about Fremont property crime rate, it is only 28 persons per 1,000 residents. Property crimes include grand theft auto, burglary, larceny and arson.


Great Place for Kids: With 201,000 residents and median family income of approximately $108,000 per year, Fremont kids have recorded 43% higher reading aptitude and 27% higher math aptitude than that of state average level. With more than 31 colleges, many professional schools and universities, children in Fremont can be given a better dwelling surrounding and values. This makes Fremont highly state for children too.

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